Angela does not just provide professional fitness programs for her clients.  She also "walks the walk".  Dedicated to her own extraordinary fitness level her entire adult life, she is a living example of how physical fitness benefits can go beyond just the ability to perform in sports of any kind, but can also lead to a lifestyle enhancing every level of existence, emotional spiritual and physical.  I highly recommend her as an instrumental part of meeting your goals and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  With her guidance you will get where you want to be much faster than you will on your own.

Never give up!

~Whit Kehaya


I have worked with Angela since 2008.  I have found her to be an inspiration to continue to pursue physical fitness.  I have lost 168 pounds, a significant portion of that loss attributed to the twice a week workouts.  The fact that she comes to my house makes it a virtual certainty that I will workout twice a week for an hour each.  Having lost that weight has made it possible (and even enjoyable) to do other physical activity.  Angela makes sure that I use the proper form for each exercise to get the maximum effect in a safe manner.  We have extensive discussions about diet and my other activities.  It is also nice to have someone to just talk to sometimes.  It makes the workout go by quickly.

Thank you Angela!

~Nick Benson


Angela has been my twice a week exercise trainer since October 2011.  I am not an exercise lover and do so only because I want to keep my body moving.  Angela's positive and encouraging personality keeps me focused on the main goal.  her educational credentials and professional experience in physical training gives me confidence in the program she designed for me.  I know my sessions with Angela have a great deal to do with my general feelings of good health and mobility.  That keeps me focused.

~Joanne Woodruff, retired W.C. & A.N. Miller Real Estate Agent

I have been a fitness fanatic for over 20 years, but I seemed to have reached a plateau.  I wanted to take my workouts to the next level.  Angela has created extremely challenging workouts that are pushing me to new heights!  She is helping me get closer to achieving that chiseled look that I want!  Without her, I'd be stuck in the rut I couldn't seem to break out of on my own!

~Alecia Williams, Sr. Solutions Architect, Alcatel USA